Able Coil’s 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility is fully equipped to handle both high and low volume production runs. Winding techniques range from hand wound to multi-spindle CNC winding machines. Our in-house tooling capability provides support for prototypes and short production runs with minimal lead times.  Termination methods include leads, lugs, pins, sockets, terminal blocks, connectors, surface mount headers, and other custom solutions.  Vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI), thermoplastic over-molding, and epoxy encapsulation services are available for environmentally demanding applications. We process copper wire from #4 AWG to #56 AWG, aluminum, and other alloys in standard and nonstandard gauges and shapes.  Insulation systems are in compliance with UL classes A (105C) through H (180C).  Our extensive test and measurement capabilities including statistical process analysis and control (SPC).  Able Coil utilizes state-of-the-art winding and assembly equipment such as:

  • Over 30 single spindle-winding machines
  • Wide variety of toroidal winding equipment
  • Universal (PI) winders
  • High volume turntable winding stations
  • High volume, multi-spindle, 4 axis, CNC controlled winding machines
  • Automated soldering stations
  • Automated wire cutting and stripping equipment
  • Automated terminal crimping presses
  • Automated soldering and finishing equipment
  • A 30-ton thermoplastic injection molding press
  • Automatic epoxy mix and dispense systems
  • Specialized testing equipment
  • Custom workstations, machinery, and fixturization to satisfy specific customer requirements
  • Laminar flow benches to provide ISO Class 4 air cleanliness within the work zone