Winding Assemblies

We manufacture torodial, axial, and multi-bay winding assemblies. Custom pin insertion equipment is used to provide lead termination points for high-volume automated winding. Toroidal inductors are usually a smaller size, a lower cost choice, and can be made from a variety of metal alloys. Toroidal inductors offer the most magnetic material choices with very little current loss. Bobbin and/or Tube Wound Coils provide higher insulation value from magnetic frame-core, lower material handling, reduced risk-damage to magnet wire, better platform for providing diodes and strain relief between the magnet wire and lead wire. Whatever your needs we can wind an assembly to meet your specification at a reasonable price.

Coil Types

  • Bobbin Wound
  • Free Standing (no bobbin)
  • Magnetic Pickup Speed Sensor coils
  • Custom Solenoids